Christmas Stockings Sale

Christmas Stockings Sale


Christmas Stockings Sale 2016

So it seems you guys really liked our last post here.

We received a few requests on what were the best Christmas Stockings Sale right now for this December/Late November.

Keep in mind, we do research on the hottestĀ and trendiest things. So some of the items we suggest (like the first item you will see here in a minute) may look strange but they are great sellers.

Here are the 2016 Christmas Stockings Sale:

#1 Tactical Christmas Stocking with Molle Gear in Black

Christmas Stockings Sale

This is for a tech/gadget buff who enjoys the feel of hard materials and likes the outdoors. This Stocking is more of a statement rather than practical but it is a hot seller right now and its a #1 trending gift this year for the holidays. It’s sure to give some impressions and turn heads. It comes in three different styles.

#2 Needlepoint Christmas Stocking: Reindeer

Christmas Stockings Sale

A velvet styled needlepoint Christmas Stocking, Reindeer edition. The Stocking is made of red velvet cuffs and back as well. It is hand sewn with a needlepoint design. It measures up to 21.5″ from toe to opposite corners and is 6.5″ wide (perfect for lots of presents and candies)

It looks exceptionally beautiful next to the fireplace, and you can personalize it up to 12 characters. (Personalizing your name)

#3 Wewill Lovely Christmas Stockings Set of 3 Santa, Snowman, Reindeer, Xmas Character 3D Plush Linen Hanging Tag Knit Border (1)

These colorful Christmas Stockings are on sale that include 3 cute styles which are already decorated. They are designed and you can give your family these so they can be filled with your warm goodies.

Each stocking measures approx. 45cm/17 inch.Large and long than normal Christmas Stockings. So you can put more gifts for the family and children. The sizes vary as each are individually hand-knit.

We enjoy the hand-knit stockings because it reminds us of how families were closer together as we were younger.

They are a great choice for kids and add on to your vintage looking Christmas.

#4 18″ Personalized Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stockings Sale

A classic polyester plushy material, that is not lined inside. This company personalizes all Christmas Stockings free of charge (so those of you who are looking for that Christmas Stocking deal & sale, this is a good one)

Make sure when you check-out this item, you click on the customize now button (it will appear automatically) a button will say Customize Now.

It measures 18″ diagonally from the stocking hanger to the toe of the Christmas stocking.

Materials are red plush and have a white plushy top.

#5 Set of 2 Red and White Knit Christmas Stockings

These are made by Kurt Adler, he specializes in beautifully detailed Christmas Ornaments and holiday seasonal decor designed exclusively for this season.

It comes with two assorted Christmas stockings.

#6 HUAN XUN Plain Burlap Christmas Stockings Fireplace Decor Set 3 Pieces

Christmas Stockings Sale

These stockings look a little simple, but people are liking them right now. They are just made of cotton and linen, and they do not give or stretch, so they are a sturdy material.

The cuff width is 7.08″ and cuff to heel is 15.35″, heel to toe is 11.4″

It comes in a plain color because they encourage you to DIY your decorations.

#7 GUND Pusheen Stocking Holiday Ornament

Christmas Stockings Sale

A surface washable Pusheen stocking that is for ages 1+. This is a very very cute stocking and we enjoyed how it is made out of huggable material that meets GUND quality standards.

It features an animated hangtag Pusheen, (also featured on Facebook stickers). It is a very cute cat that has a full body inside the stocking (they did not cut the cat in half to make it stick out)

This is a very very hot item right now for people looking for a Christmas Stocking Sale or deal.

#8 3 Pcs Set – Classic Christmas Stockings 18″ Cute Santa’s Toys Stockings – Santa & Friends

Christmas Stockings Sale

Incredibly cute Christmas stockings that come with an old fashioned feeling. It has a cheerful Santa Christmas stocking ready to be packed with your love (candy please). They are 18″ tall each.

#9 Disney Mouse Ears 18″ Velour Christmas Stocking with Plush Cuff (Mickey Mouse – Red)

Christmas Stockings Sale

Self explanatory, a very cute 18″ velour Mickey Mouse Christmas Stocking.

#10 SORRENTO Knitted Reindeer Body with Ivory Sherpa Cuff Christmas Stocking 10″x19″, Silver Grey

Christmas Stockings Sale

A Winter style Christmas stocking made by SORRENTO. It has knitted Reindeer bodies with Ivory Sherpa cuffs. It is hand-made and knitted with fine fabric and the stocking is 10″ X 19″.

We felt this stocking was simple and is the last one our list for the best Christmas stocking sale.