Final Fantasy XV Looks Good But Feels Broken

Final Fantasy XV Looks Good But Feels Broken

final fantasy xv

Final Fantasy XV – No Spoilers

A game that I have been patient about.

There has been lots of high expectations for this game since most of the FF series have been focused on online gameplay, and few that handle the single player experience.

This is what I have to say about it:

Final Fantasy XV forgets its true brand identity. It feels like you are playing grand theft auto with an FF mod.

And what on earth happened to the characters too?

The point of having main characters in any video game (and especially for a JRPG genre) is to make sure you’re party on the assigned quest represents your overall mission in different flavors.

Remember back in FFX or FF7?

final fantasy xv

These characters were colorful, and they were each very different and looked very different.

Look at your party in Final Fantasy XV.

final fantasy xv

Um, what? 

Everyone looks the same, acts the same, and everyone is wearing the same shit.

Can you even tell the different personalities they have?

It looks like you’re playing as a rogue power metal band.

But how does this tie in to feeling like GTA? 

I’ll cover the few key points here:

Broken Fighting Mechanics

FFXV has an insane amount of combos and buttons for its fighting, its clear that FF has moved away from their turn by turn mechanics (with the exception of World of Final Fantasy) this series needs to polish out its fighting events. FFX-2 for instance was a terrible demonstration of how it was evolving towards this stage and everyone knows it.

Real time fighting should be a simple one button action, along with a good way of selecting your fighting abilities.

Why on earth, do I feel like there are so many unnecessary combos when playing this game during its fighting sequences. Although it’s easy for any of us to remember more button sequences and combinations, it makes any game ever so frustrating more during its difficult phases. (And if you’re one of those people that love button combos, ignore this and go play your street fighter, I’m talking about JRPG’s here).

Unnecessary Gasoline Powered Car

final fantasy xv

Gasoline in the world of final fantasy, while there are flying ships in midair?

Absolutely stupid, I understand what the design team was trying to aim for (making it feel like your team was under the pressure of resources) but its completely laughable how this was executed and it’s not good.

Characters Feel Like Dead NPCs

Your main characters within your party, and most characters in FFXV, the following qualities:

  • Wisdom, where on earth are some of the old characters like in the previous FF series that gave their wisdom about the environment they grew up in to help your character understand the tough landscape?
  • Bright personalities, I can’t tell who in this game is the bright character, it’s almost as everyone here is neutral about everything.
  • Gloomy personalities, theres always a character thats pessimistic about everything. Well who exactly IS it? Like I said, most appear to be neutral about everything.
  • Someone Who Stands Out, think about who is really memorable within your main party. I didn’t feel like my main character stood out like Cloud or Tidus from previous games.

Lack Of Structure

Most single player campaigns within the FF series feels like you are going through a spiritual journey and even more so, exploring the conflicts within yourself.

final fantasy xv

There’s always a classic formula, where it goes like this: 

  • Be the undiscovered hero/protagonist
  • Find the cause of pain in the world (or story)
  • Rid it and discover it’s source to be a villain (or entity by machine or energy based reason)

Following this formula, the story reveals itself to you involving certain elements such as:

  • Internal conflicts in the world
  • Where the politics lie within the game’s culture
  • What problems arise in the environment that harm life on the planet
  • Who’s the antagonist?
  • NPC’s or main characters that hold stories of wisdom
  • Unique and unforgettable personalities

And while Final Fantasy XV does present lots of these points, the main challenge I see it finds itself in is being afraid to be extreme within its characters.

Just listen to your own party’s dialogue, and most NPCs.

They have opinions, they have words, they have feelings, but it just sounds so neutral.

I don’t even feel that the game itself was even aimed to be themed in a neutral way at all either.

It’s unclear who the real villain is in this game, even though its pointed out and obvious. I just don’t feel he’s a villain, he doesn’t come across as evil to me or to the main characters.

And looking at the main characters, who exactly is the hero? I can’t tell who’s the most excited or passionate about any of the quest’s problems.


If you love Final Fantasy, go ahead and buy the game anyway. You don’t want to live throughout your life knowing you didn’t play a game based on someone else’s bias.

Although FFXV doesn’t have many of the elements that I enjoyed from previous games, its a good title and its still eye candy to the fans who enjoy this brand.

Below is the newly released version along with the special edition to get one now.

Final Fantasy XV

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Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition