The Playstation VR Bundle Might Trigger The Era Of N64

The Playstation VR Bundle Might Trigger The Era Of N64

Playstation VR Bundle

Playstation VR Bundle.

We got our hands on the PlayStation VR Bundle, and while this device is obviously another virtual reality platform like Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, Samsung VR and the many others that are emerging like Google Daydream, these companies forgot one big obvious thing:


Since all the current virtual reality headsets right now are targeting gaming and media, why aren’t these headsets selling like hotcakes?

The answer is in your face:

Because its cool to try on for a few hours, but after that, it gets boring.

Do you really want to walk around a Dinosaur island all day, or just play demos? Knowing that its going to be boring really fast? (Cough cough, Oculus Rift)

Let’s get real here, and the BS out of the way.

None of the virtual reality headsets offer any great content.

Although they might offer interesting demos, none have GREAT replay value.

This is where the Playstation VR bundle comes into play.

How It Gives Influence

Sony is known for making aggressive moves in new emerging markets, they have done incredible contributions when it came to pushing technology forward for competitors to arise such as the Sony Walkman and the first Playstation (setting the bar higher for graphics)

Before we review the Playstation VR bundle, we need to understand the importance of influence that Sony brings to the virtual reality table.

Sony obviously has a plethora of game publishers on their platform. You have anything from Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy series, Killzone, and thousands upon thousands of titles.

Why it is so significant that Sony stepped up to the plate for virtual reality consoles is because they have the hard-line experience on understanding how to make incredible media and gaming experiences on multiple platforms.

We feel that Sony has a chance (please note, we said A CHANCE!!!) on influencing Nintendo and companies like Microsoft Xbox to jump into the games with their titles as well.

Can you imagine playing Super Mario Galaxy in virtual reality?

PlayStation VR Bundle


Or what about playing the Halo series in virtual reality?


Woah. Right? Some of these titles would be incredibly amazing to experience, and these companies have the resources to do so.

Some of us are waiting to see if Sony’s move will initiate the other big videogame companies to do the same.

Now, back to the PlayStation VR Bundle

The PlayStation VR Bundle – Specs First

Before we start, the PlayStation VR Bundle has these specs (taken from the product page at Amazon).

PlayStation VR Bundle

  • Includes: VR headset, Processor unit, VR headset connection cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, Stereo headphones, AC power cord, AC adaptor, PlayStation VR Demo Disc, PlayStation Camera, 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers, and PlayStation VR Worlds Game Disc
  • Display: OLED 1920 X RGB X 1080
  • Screen Size: 5.7″
  • Refresh rate: 120 Hz, 90 Hz
  • Latency: Less than 18ms

PlayStation VR – Experiencing the Fit, Feel, and First Impressions

So while we set up this device, we went through a quick calibration procedure just to make sure you are experiencing virtual reality in accuracy.

This helps with the overall stability and just illusion of playing in the game itself.

What we liked about the headset off the bat was how solid it felt, it didn’t feel like a giant bloated product like the HTC VIVE. Granted that HTC did a good job with their VIVE.

We felt that Sony designed their PlayStation VR just much more simpler and less noisy.

PlayStation VR Bundle

If you want to understand what we meant by that, its like this:

1. When we picked up an HTC VIVE or Oculus, it felt huge and clunky, it felt like some sort of prototype that didn’t quite finish its design maturity.

2. When we experienced handling the PlayStation VR, we felt that the product was ready for consumer use, and it just felt very
“stress free” and we aren’t exaggerating.

Think of the PlayStation VR designed compared to an iPod. They took some time to refine and simplify so you can enjoy it.

The overall fit and comfort of the headset was a good experience.

It didn’t feel hot or sweaty when wearing the headset for a long periods of time, and future buyers should know this.

The Gameplay

We tried EVE:Valkyrie for our first game, and wow. The single player AND multiplayer, IS INTENSE.

Not recommended though you play EVE for your first virtual reality game, you should aim for playing around with simple games first before you immediately play something as intense as this.

Playstation VR Bundleand this..

Playstation VR Bundle


And by the way, if you love someone (or yourself) get one for Christmas.

They are still available if you buy one here. (click)

The PlayStation team over at Sony is moving aggressively with the PlayStation VR Bundle, we think the reason why its because there will be highly anticipated titles from the PlayStation brand released into VR.

So securing your PlayStation VR headset early and getting into the community to build your reputation or build your skillset is a must.

In other words, becoming an early adopter will put you in another tier of gamer, since you understand how to maneuver through another dimension of gaming (unlike just playing through a monitor and gamepad).

What Is The Multiplayer Like?

Multiplayer is truly going to be experienced on a completely different medium (and possibly dimension of understanding) by using a VR device.

You feel much more involved in the game and alongside your players. We definitely see gaming becoming more of a teamwork effort based on more of an “immersion” experience, rather than disconnected like playing on a console.

The take away was just feeling more involved.

Replay Value?

You bet. We tried out EVE: Valkyrie and Batman Arkham VR.

Both were great games, and there are other titles as well (with the whole PlayStation brand most likely underway)

Here are some of the games you can already buy to play:

#1. Batman: Arkham VR – PlayStation 4

#2. PSVR Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – PlayStation 4

#3. PSVR DriveClub – PlayStation 4

#4. PSVR EVE: Valkyrie – PlayStation 4

#5. RIGS Mechanized Combat League – PlayStation 4


Is It Sold Out?

No, but near Christmas time wouldn’t be surprised if it was sold out.

You can buy the PlayStation VR Bundle here.

Can I use my old PlayStation controllers for this?


The Future

We really see Sony making the giant push for VR ultimately, as they carry the most valuable content.

Let’s not forget that Sony also owns lots of multimedia companies apart from PlayStation. So we can expect great content in the near future (with already tons of free demos and apps to use in the PlayStation VR Store)

We want to dream, and see Nintendo eventually get into this game (along with Xbox’s own dedicated VR brand)

So many great titles can appear soon for these consoles.

We feel like its happening and virtual reality will truly be at another level if the rest of the videogame companies like Sony step-it-up.

To check out the PlayStation VR Bundle again, here’s the link.