Zebora Remote Monitoring Surveillance Is Trending In Home Security

Zebora Remote Monitoring Surveillance Is Trending In Home Security

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Home Automation Is The Future

Zebora 720P Remote Surveillance has now become one of the biggest current home surveillance trends online.

But Why?

Home security. It’s becoming more of a trend with people having more access to information.

Thankfully with improved wireless technologies, home security is evolving to the point where there is no need for using wiring across your house (like we all hate that).

Zebora remote steps into the game in a unique way because they are offering a wireless home camera that just uses your home’s wifi. The camera can be accessed through your phone or monitor, and can act as a baby monitor or an extra eye for your house.

Before we get talking about Zebora, we want to cover some of the essentials and basics of what it takes to own, operate, and control a home security (and also why you should have one).

What’s a home security system for?

Traditional home security systems were plugged into walls and sometimes you had to drill through walls and have a specialist (or yourself) wire through the holes to get the home security systems to work.

Nasty things would happen due to this happening, sometimes wires would go out, or people would just cut the lines along the perimeters of your house to have a joke about it (or for other reasons.)

Wireless security systems have recently been around for awhile however they have been a lot more updated in their own respects and technology recently because of the improved wireless signal quality that has been released throughout the past few years.

Wireless technology such as the Zebora remote introduces, can now give a very clear picture (in 720P or 1080P) as they now remove the need for actually having wired systems in your home.

This is because wireless systems use safer cellphone frequencies that run on batteries (at times) that are specifically designed to last between five and seven years. So if your phone or power goes out, your wireless system can still notify you and alert people in your house if anything happens.

Do I need to pay extra fees?

No you don’t.

Thanks to our own mobile app stores (iPhone app store or Google’s Play Store) they now serve as the platform to host the company’s application.

You no longer need to pay a subscription fee to keep your wireless home security systems. (Most good ones like Zebora 720P Remote Surveillance) will not charge anything.

You just need to set it up (Zebora remote and others).

Home Insurance Also May Get Cheaper When You Do This

When you go out of your way to make your home safe, insurance companies will lower your pricing with a discount (most of the time) there can be exceptions.

Things like being near a fire hydrant, living in a gated community, or being part of a homeowners association (HOA) will help you save some each month.

By installing a home security system, you can get up to 10-20% percent discount on your monthly home insurance.

Some people go as far as installing detection sensors, for fires and carbon monoxide. The savings on your home insurance premiums may be even more.

Home automation is the future.

A great feature that comes with having a wireless system is that ability to connect to your system or monitoring devices anywhere in the world through your smartphone, tablet, and in some cases your computer.

When a movement alarm (or alarm) is triggered, you will receive an instant notification right to your smart phone and sometimes you can have emergency services appear right at your door. (depending on what kind of service you do)

Because you know whats going on and you can view it remotely, you don’t need to figure out what’s going on at your home (or property).

Don’t Forget You Can Also Interact Remotely 

When your surveillance system is connected to your cellphone or tablet, not only can you monitor the system for yourself but you can also use outside cameras that can help detect if someone is around your property (or if there is just movement in general).

It’s great for parents, schools, offices, and people who want to keep a close eye on things.

Zebora 720P Remote Surveillance did a great job by doing all of the above.

You don’t need to pay any premiums or any contracted services to have a home security system.

Systems have now become more automated and a service where you can easily set it up yourself. (It literally takes 5-10 minutes, and even someone like our parents could do it easily).

Don’t Forget Home Automation 

Home automation (along with internet of things) has become the newest trend out there that is quickly gaining in popularity that connects through your wireless security systems and is routed through your mobile device.

Some systems go as far as giving you weather alerts (such as if its getting too cold) you can use your home automation feature to turn up the thermostat at home to make sure that it’s warm enough when you get there.

Wireless security systems can now do this if your home is IoT or Home Automated ready.

However, home automation is not required to setup a wireless security system.

Why Wireless Systems Are Smart

  • The system is using your wireless (wifi) sensors and your broadband internet connection to transmit a signal from your camera to your internet provider to your actual device)
  • It’s free, (as long as you have wifi) that means a wireless system uses a cellular signal to transmit data to your monitoring station.
  • A wireless station with a cellular connection and web based alerts  (Zebora remote monitoring) that lets you monitor and manage your system from the internet.

Back to Zebora Remote, Why Is It Good?

Zebora did a great job with a few things in their product line:

  • Zebora remote has a HD 1280 X 720 video quality, with a remarkable field of wide 69 degree viewing angle.
  • It has two way audio, which means you can hear and talk between the phone and the camera. You can keep in touch with your kids, pets, or just to keep an eye on the house.
  • Motion detection by camera alerts you when a motion is detected while you are not home, pictures will be taken and send to your email, this is very cool !
  • Internal SD cards for video are for recording and playback, that support up to 64 GB of storage, which means you can record live video even when you’re not there.
  • It has great night vision included.
  • There is an easy 60 second setup, you connect to your WiFi via iPhone, iPad, Android, or Tablets.
  • Many people from different devices can stream and view the video at the same time for the Zebora remote.

Zebora 720P Remote Surveillance

zebora remote zebora remote zebora remote

They are currently a very hot and trending item online right now, partly because of its reliability, ease of use, and it’s wireless system.

To get one, they are available here: Zebora 720P Remote Surveillance